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Posted 02.19.2020     
OUT premiered the new video for "Vulnerable"

OUT premiered the new video for "Vulnerable"


Posted 05.02.2019     
Hear New Album 'Stranger' Now via NPR Music’s First Listen

Hear New Album Now via NPR Music’s First Listen

Tunde Olaniran is set to release his second full length album Stranger next Friday, October 5 via his Magic Wheel imprint, and you can stream it in full now via NPR Music’s First ListenNPR’s Stephen Thompson notes, Olaniran, “presides over a bighearted sound and style that revolve around spirited statements of affirmation, a sprawling artistic palette and the pursuit of boldness in every sense of the word… It all adds up to a finely calibrated mix of purpose and playfulness, executed to stylish perfection.”


Posted 09.27.2018     
Paper Premiere: Mountain

Tunde Olaniran's new album Stranger is out October 5 and it fiercely addresses matters of the heart, systemic injustice, and self-esteem over clanging, wildly experimental electronic arrangements, and rapped and sung verses.

His newest single, "Mountain," continues in this vein, though it initially started as a country song about staying motivated. "I was in the studio and my friend Seth Anderson said, 'You can't just stop halfway up the mountain! You either climb or fall,'" Olaniran tells PAPER. "I realized that creating music and art was worth some sleepless nights and uncertain times."

It's fitting, because "Mountain" is the work of a brilliantly restless creative soul, full of metallic drops that open trap doors of unexpected sounds, from revving engines to squealing breaks to Olaniran's screams. Despite the strangely danceable beats, the real twist of "Mountain" is the beating, bleeding heart of Olaniran's diaristic lyrics: "Where you going when you stop halfway up the mountain? I don't know where I got the strength from, but I found it," he sings. 

It's an inspiring note to self to get in gear, to gather spirit and carry on. "It's meant to be a song you can move to, like really fucking sweat to," Olaniran says, "It's that song you put on when you ready to just go into beast mode."

Check out the PAPER premiere of "Mountain," and get ready to boldly face your fears, whether up the hill or over a cliff.


Posted 08.24.2018     

“I’m Here” is a reminder to myself that I exist and am worth something,” Tunde tells AFROPUNK. “It’s also, in part, is about being from a city like Flint and still living here. I tour and travel a lot so when I get home I’ll run into people who think I’ve left or assume success means running away from Flint. Like you don’t deserve happiness or success or fulfillment unless you escape.” “I’m here” is a proud counter to that notion that shows we gon’ flourish and love each other regardless of what we face as a community.

“The other part of the song is about what happens when I’m touring and traveling. It’s about the adventure, the isolation, the anonymity, the boredom, the thrill of stepping onstage in front of a roomful of strangers in an unfamiliar city and winning them over by the end of the set.”

Listen to "I'm Here" at Afropunk NOW!




Posted 07.14.2018     
Tunde Olaniran Gets 'Vulnerable,' Announces A New Album Due This Summer
'Vulnerable' is my soft, femme trap anthem. I wrote it while sitting in my car and not wanting to go into work. The same day, I picked up the phone and called my supervisor and told her I wanted to leave a company I’d worked for my entire young adult and adult life up until that point. I’d reached a point where I wanted to be honest about my aspirations as an artist. 'Vulnerable' is a reminder that change and growth are scary and often you won’t have a safety net. The song is me trying to recreate the feeling of free-falling and landing in your own embrace. 'Vulnerable' is a reminder that life isn’t promised and that I should nakedly pursue joy and happiness while I have the chance.
Hear "Vulnerable" via NPR Music’s All Songs Considered
Posted 04.05.2018     
Much love to NPR for featuring

I wrote ‘Symbol’ as the child of an immigrant, under the global spectre of violence against black and brown bodies, and in light of the international refugee crisis. Now, with the Trump Administration, black and brown bodies are again held up as political symbols to attack DACA and feed white nationalism. It saddens me that these lyrics feel like they will be relevant for many more generations. ‘Symbol’ is about still finding joy in the knowledge that despite a dark history, we still became the future, and that my body is the literal wildest dream of my ancestors.

Hear "Symbol" via NPR Music’s “All Songs Considered.

Posted 09.07.2017     
Tunde Olaniran's newest single "KYBM" premiered on NPR's All Songs Considered

Read the review and listen to the propulsive new dance track.

Posted 07.21.2015     
Noisey Premeire: "Namesake," new lead single from Tunde Olaniran's upcoming album

The new single debuted today, in advance of Transgressor, Tunde Olaniran's new album due out August 7th on Quite Scientific and available now for preorder.

Posted 06.23.2015     
Watch the premiere of Tunde's new video for "Critical" over at Stereogum

Stereogum premiered the new video for "Critical," directed and animated by Kevin Eckert for Gold House Media. Watch it here.

Posted 06.24.2014     
NOISEY by VICE premieres Tunde Olaniran's new video for "The Highway."

NOISEY premieres the new music video, shot by Andrew Miller in Detroit, MI.

Posted 04.02.2014     
Tunde Olaniran featured in The New York Times Sunday Edition

Read the review, featured in the NYT Sunday print edition.

Posted 03.14.2014     
Pitchfork Magazine calls Yung Archetype "a pitch-perfect mashup."

Read the entire review of Tunde Olaniran's latest EP, Yung Archetype

Posted 03.06.2014     
"’s refreshing to be able to simply dance to something you don’t have to compartmentalize to enjoy."

Tunde Olaniran sat down for an interview with the ladies of NYC blog AudioFemme

Posted 03.06.2014     
Purchase Tunde Olaniran's newest release, Yung Archetype

You can buy Tunde Olaniran's new EP at most online retailers.



Posted 02.24.2014     
BlackBook Magazine premieres Tunde Olaniran's new single, "The Highway."

Read what BlackBook Magazine has to say and listen to "The Highway."

Posted 02.12.2014     
Tunde Olaniran featured on NPR's All Things Considered

Tunde spoke about his love of Flint's cultural scene and the potential for connection to Detroit. Listen here

Posted 02.05.2014     
Tunde Olaniran featured on Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr's "Produce Vol. 1" Mixtape with Chuck Inglish, MURS, Asher Roth, Self Says, and more.

Tunde lent lyrics and vocals to two tracks on the experimental hip-hop project. Stream it here.

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Brown Boy Remix EP out now on Quite Scientific Records

The remix EP features the original “Brown Boy” single and four unique takes from local musicians including Jon Zott, Revoir and Ancient Language, as well as a remix from Vancouver’s Killing Time. "The Brown Boy Remix EP is a peek into some of the music bubbling up in Detroit. There are so many diverse sensibilities, from Revoir's very pop take on the track, to Ancient Language's darker, terse vision. Killing Time (great friends I met while touring in Vancouver) and Detroit's Jon Zott both dripped some club sweat and house/disco dust on the record, which I love," notes Olaniran. 

Posted 01.28.2014     
"Tunde Olaniran Takes Detroit by Storm"

Tunde was featured among some amazing artists in Real Detroit Weekly's first 2014 edition.

Posted 01.01.2014     
Tunde Olaniran's song "Brown Boy" nominated for Song of the Year

Grand Rapids' radio station 88.1FM WYCE 15th Annual "Jammies" awards will take place on Valentine's day 2014. The awards honor michigan artists in genres ranging from folk to funk to hip-hop. Tunde's song "Brown Boy" was nominated for Song of the Year. See all the nominees here.

Posted 01.01.2014     
"I'm Thankful for Cheesesticks."

Tunde Olaniran's interview was featured among other top area musicans in Detroit's MetroTimes Thanksgiving Edition. 

Posted 11.29.2013     
Listen to Tunde Olaniran’s interview on Wayne State Radio’s “Michigan Movement”

For his birthday, Tunde Olaniran chatted with Angelina Czarnecki, host of “Michigan Movement”

Posted 10.26.2013     
Tunde Olaniran featured on Berlin superproducer Phon.o’s “Black Boulder” LP

The lead single is featured on the new Phon.o record “Black Boulder”. The album is available through label 50 Weapons. If you are in Germany, UK, France, or Austria, call/email your local radio station to request “Leave A Light On” now!

Posted 05.26.2013     


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